Professional Statement

"Where are the women in the field of computer science?" My name is Joyce Bevins and I am a freshmen at Elizabeth city state University, located in North Carolina. My major is computer science with a minor in aviation science. I am orignally from Philadelphia, Pennyslvania but I always had intentions to travel and see more than just the four corners of my block. My inspiration to become a computer science major came about when I realized the lack of women in this field and the technology industry as a whole. I plan on changing this statistic by influencing other women to get involved with computer science and mathematics. My goal is to maintain a high GPA, obtain internships and experience so that I will be more than prepared for the work world after I graduate, as well as taking on new challenges. The next challenge for me is majoring in computer science because it is a difficult field that involves dedication, pateince and time. However the biggest rewards in life do not come easy, therefore I do not expect any part of this journey to be a smooth ride.

"When the door of opportunity comes, it's up to you to go through the threshold..." I was given the opportunity to be a member in the CERSER program which stands for "Center of Excellence for Remote Sensing Education and Research" here at the university. This program gives students like myself, the opportunity to enhance our knowlege about computers, to gain hands on training, and the importance of networking. Before I joined CERSER, I thought computer science was all about computer graphics, and designing but through this program I've learned the reality of it. It's more about programing, research, learning how to insert software, remote sensing, traveling, developing skills and gaining as much experience as possible. I am only a freshmen but by my senior year I will have all the skills and training I need for persuing my career.