Michael Jefferson Jr.

Professional Statement

Professional Statement

I became interested in computer science when an alumnus of N.C. State came to my school and told the honor seventh grade students about the shortage of minorities in the computer fields. I have felt obligated since then to make it a goal to become a computer scientist. I have also been working to the best of my ability to complete this goal since that very day. I know I am just one person, but I also know I can make a difference in the field of computers just by having the strength and determination to succeed.

I plan to get my masters degree in computer science with a concentration in computer engineering. I also plan to minor in math. My expected graduation date is May 2011. Working through the Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education Research program hopefully this goal will become true soon in my future. Through CERSER I have participated in training opportunities. The training was helpful in helping me learn a wide variety of information about computers. Kiesha Wilkins lead several training classes associated with satellite imaging. Je'aime Powell lead training classes about Linux and Unix.

After I obtain my bachelor's degree I plan to work on my master's degree. I plan to work on getting my Ph.D. following my master's degree. I can CERSER is getting us well prepared for all of our future endeavors.