Professional Statement

Ever since I was a child, I have been competitive. There has never been a time that I have not put my all into everything that I have done. I grew up in the projects in Charlotte and vowed to myself and family that I would excel in academics and become someone great in life. I am proud to say that my competitiveness played a major role in my success. I graduated from high school ranking number 5 in my class and with high honors. I proved to naysayers that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to.

In this day and age a high school diploma is not suffice to survive. I believe that everyone should pursue a secondary education. After seeing my mother struggle to care for my brother and I without a college degree, I promised myself that I would get an education and a good job to keep me from living paycheck to paycheck. This is why I am at Elizabeth City State University. I want to further my education to make myself more marketable in the corporate world. I am a freshman majoring in mathematics with a minor in computer science. While I am here, I plan to put all of my effort into getting good grades and getting involved with clubs within my major. I am already a member of the CERSER (Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research) Program. This program will help me to become more well rounded in research and prepare me for certain tasks such as, giving oral presentations and networking with people. While in the CERSER program I have been to training seminars for Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Fireworks (to learn how to make web pages), Linux, and satellite imagery. I have been to many Distinguished Lecture Series and have learned how to conduct myself in interviews and how to sale myself when it comes to competing for a job with other highly qualified students. All of these lectures and seminars will assist me in being a step ahead of everyone else while seeking out internships and jobs.

After graduating with honors, I desire to teach for four years to give back to my community and help fund my graduate school education for financing. As of right now, my team led by Dr. Johnson, are studying how competition can help raise test scores. This research will help me out, because when I start teaching I might want to hold competitions to help raise my students’ scores. Post graduate school, I want to become a financial advisor for a major business or corporation. I realize that this will not be an easy task and I am willing to do everything it takes to achieve this goal. So, as a competitor, I dismiss excuses, because they are the crutches of the uncommitted and I welcome challenge.