Currently I am a freshman at Elizabeth City State University majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing. My academic goal is to obtain a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degree in Computer Science preceding my Doctoral degree.

In order to accomplish this feat while enduring the standard college schedule I will apply for internships to increase my knowledge and research experience in my field of study. Aspiring to further my education and experience through hands on projects and activities I will strive to be a vital component to any group or organization. Throughout my academic endeavors I hope to receive the essential training needed to excel. As I acquire research experience I look forward to making connections that will aid me in the future. Furthering my education will help me to obtain a higher status when I enter the business world. Being involved in the Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) at the Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER) has and will further prepare me for future goals. So far in this vital program I have attained useful skills that I can use now as well as in the future such as trainings in Linux, Satellite Imagery, and Fireworks/Dreamweaver. It is essential to have these skills when taking on a field such as Computer Science. I have also been able to participate in a National Conference that has enabled me to incorporate representative, communication, critical thinking and comprehension skills that are very valuable. The skills I have and have yet to gain will prepare me inevitably towards a path of success.