Professional Statement

      My name is Tiwana Walton and I am from Gates County, North Carolina. I am currently an undergraduate student at Elizabeth City State University. My major is Computer Science with a minor in Aviation Science and I plan to graduate in May, 2010.

       I was unsure of attending Elizabeth City State University until I found out about the promising and competitive Computer Science and Aviation Science departments. Elizabeth City State University has much to offer that peaked my interests. The professors here at Elizabeth City State University are close to their students and are there to assist and advise them in any way possible. I have become well accustomed to the University by being a member of the Center of Remote Sensing Education and Research program. This program allows you the opportunity to learn more about science and the research involved. I have had the opportunity to attend conferences with this program, that told more about science careers and graduate school opportunities that I plan to take advantage of.

       I am doing well in all of my classes and to be eligible for these opportunities my grades must be above a B average. I plan to do extremely well throughout my four years at Elizabeth City State University and get accepted into the best graduate school possible to further my studies in computer and aviation science. I plan to go on to obtain a doctorate degree with the goal of employment within a federal government aviation sector.