Professional Statement

I believe in the importance of understanding one’s individual purpose. I also believe that to go along with a purpose, one should have a plan and goals which complement it. My name is Kevin Reynolds and as a student at Elizabeth City State University I plan to set myself apart in order to be in the position to be successful. To accomplish this, a few of my goals are: to be in the top of all my classes, maintain a high grade point average, and continue to balance the responsibilities of the Honors program, The Undergraduate Research Experience rogram, tutoring, and work. My plan in the U.R.E program is to take advantage of opportunities that are afforded me and learn as much as possible during my years here. Upon graduation I plan to pursue an advanced degree in mathematics in a masters program. Throughout high school I enjoyed every aspect of my academics equally, but I have always found math to be fun and challenging. My long-term goals include getting a Ph.D., writing at least one book, teaching, owning my own business, and starting a family of my own. With success on my horizon I look forward to the next several years.