Lovell Pendleton

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Professional Statement

My name is Lovell Pendleton and I plan on obtaining my bachelors degree in computer science and then going back to graduate school for my PhD. I plan on having a job that lets me work hands on with computers and other types of technology. By the time I complete graduate’s school I plan on having all of the knowledge as well as the skills that I will need to be able to repair and program different types of technology. Another one of my goals for the future is to be able to obtain a job with a comfortable working environment. Eventually I plan on designing and building my very own video game system. In the future I plan on using the skills that I learn in college to help make life a little easier by building different machines to help people with their everyday tasks. I have attended the Minorities in Research Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Attending the conference has shown me just how successful that I could be. I found the Minorities in Research Convention to be very informative.