My name is Jamika Michelle Baltrop. I am currently a rising junior and computer science major at Elizabeth City State University. My goal is to continue maintaining my high G.P.A., and surrounding my self in the Center of Excellence for Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER) program, to aid and further my education in the field of computer science.

    As a rising junior, I hope to engage in more activities and internships to help give me hands on experience and equip me with the tools necessary for my education in the computer science field. Upon my completion at ECSU, I want to graduate in the top of my class. After Iíve earned my Bachelorís Degree in computer science, I plan on attending graduate school to obtain a Masterís Degree in computer and information science.

    In the future, I hope that my participation in internships can pave the way for available job opportunities. My long-term goal is use the knowledge Iíve gained through internships, and my career in the field of computer science to be more useful to mankind. With that said, I also hope to increase the usage of computers and technology abroad for people of all ages. With these goals and skills Iíve obtain, I want to use my knowledge to help people around the world.