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Professional Statement

My name is Akeem Archer, and I am an undergraduate student at Elizabeth City State University, My major is Computer Science with a minor in Remote Sensing. If it was not for determination, encouragement, leadership and my family encouraging me to remain focused in school, I truly believe that I would not be attending Elizabeth City State University at this time. I work hard and I am going to continue to work hard to achieve my goal of a bachelor’s degree.

The first thing that came to my mind when I was in high school was to attend an institution of higher education so back than I prepared myself for my life goal and that was college. When the time came around I started to get nervous and I did not know what to do with myself. I had never heard of Elizabeth City State University until I talked to Mr. Grady Deese. I am very eager to get the work do and make sure my work is done right. I love to be right and make sure things are on time. If I was assigned to do something I do it and turn my assignment in.

I came to college to expand my knowledge and also give my knowledge back to the community. I love to help other people and most of my classmates would agree. I work hard to achieve my goals and I hate to miss out on good opportunities. Now my goal is to get my bachelor’s degree and move on to graduate school to study computer science and business and start my own business working with computer software. I would also give back to my community by building a company in the neighborhood and recruit those who are interested in computers.


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