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Kaiem Frink
Statement of Purpose

I am currently a Sophomore with an overall GPA of 3.4 my major GPA is 3.8. My current short term goal is to not allow my GPA to fall upon an 3.2. One of my long term goals is to maintain a high and consistent grade point average (GPA) during my undergraduate years. This GPA will hopefully give me assistance with financial support for now and my future endeavors in graduate school.

During this time I intend to continue building a strong, supportive, network in order to gain internships, experience, and contacts. While on campus I have be involved in the Global Leadership Academy, Treasurer of ACM, Office of Naval Research Scholarship recipient in addition to NOAA scholarship recipient.

Since my first semester here at ECSU I have been involved in three research projects which allowed me to travel to Houston, Texas as well as Rincon, Puetro Rico to present my research. Attending these conferences is a very important element in my education as it allows me to see what other students are participating in at other institutions. I have completed two internships while here at ECSU and currently applying for internships this 2005-2006 summer. This will allow me the opportunity to seek advanced research in locations where the research is encouraged and supported.

I intend to share my education with others that I interact with. I feel as though you are only as smart as those you interact with. Education is trade that must always be sharpened and challenged. Since education is a trade it is important that this trade is passed on to the younger generations.

My short-term goals within the next two years are to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science and a Minor Geographic Information Systems with no financial hardships. Within these up and coming years I would like to obtain a fellowship to pursue my Master’s. My long-term goals within the next to five to ten years are obtain a Ph. D. In the field of Computer Science and Information Systems.


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