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Implementing an Application Server for the CERSER Data Archive
2004-2005 Multimedia Research Team

The Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER) at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) currently archives data images in various resolutions on their server. These images, and the data that describes them, is entered and accessed via Active Server Pages (ASP) developed to aid in the standardization and entry speed for CERSER personnel. The ASP language is not taught at ECSU and currently, there are no qualified ASP developers employed by CERSER to repair or enhance the data system should the need arise.

In response to this, the Multimedia Team will study the implementation of Macromedia’s ColdFusion Server software as an application server for CERSER. ColdFusion is a web application server that allows you to create sites and applications utilizing data-driven Internet applications. ColdFusion server can also be integrated with the current Macromedia tools employed by the CERSER developers. The college web site utilizes ColdFusion as an application server for the university website. The manager of this server is a permanent position at the college and would be a valuable resource for training and support of this software. The team will study the costs of implementation, the speed at which the software can be learned, and the development of applications to replace the current ASP developments.

ONRDesigning the CERSER Promotional Package
2003-2004 Multimedia Research Team

The Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER) was established in 2002 on the campus of Elizabeth City State University as a leader in Remote Sensing Education and Research in Northeast North Carolina. Since that time ECSU has actively sought methods to promote the CERSER project and its capabilities. This year the multimedia team built an information package utilizing a variety of software packages used in multimedia design. The informational package is composed of fact sheets, brochures, and multimedia showcase CD’s. These informational packages will be used at conferences, meetings, and events to promote the missions and goals of CERSER.

The software packages used included: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Premier, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Photoshop, and Macromedia Authorware. These packages enabled the team to develop paper, video, and computer based multimedia projects. The team began by learning specific software packages followed by a short course in paper and computer based design. This included content management, layout designs, and color selection.

A Comparison of Continuation Models for Optimal Transformation of Gravimetric Data
NOAANOAA, National Ocean Service-National Geodetic Survey-Geosciences Research Division, Dr. Daniel Roman (mentor)
PowerPoint Presentation of Research

The scope of this analysis is to measure the impact of the simplifying assumption that the Earth is flat and not round when upward continuing gravity data. Because of the differences in spatial geometry, assuming a flat plane will cause systematic effects as data are recomputed at a higher elevation. These effects will become more exaggerated with elevation and with distance away from the point of tangency between the assumed plane of the observations and the actual curve of the Earth. The first case means that as you go up, the magnitude of the errors should increase. The second case means that as you move away from the point of tangency at the same elevation, the errors should also increase (i.e., systematic and not random errors). Problems arise in both cases, because the observed gravity data are not actually in a flat plane. Hence, the physical relationship has been assumed different than it actually is.

VAInformation Technology Specialist/ Requirement Analysis Team
The Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington D. C. 

Provided a summary of what projects needed to be accomplished.  Indicated if this project was being initiated because it corrected identified deficiencies, is required by law or court order ruling, and is required by congressional or presidential directive.
       Contributed significantly to the submitting, tracking, and reporting 130 of those Project Initiation Requests (PIRs). Managed PIRs on an Access database.