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Butler Hall Box 1004
1704 Weeksville Road
Elizabeth City, NC 27909
(252) 331-1561  
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608 Cuthbertson Street
Monroe, NC 28110
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OBJECTIVE: To obtain the technical skills necessary to pursue a career in the computer science field
EDUCATION: B.S., Computer Science: Minor Concentration: Scientific
Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City, NC

Expected Date of Graduation:  May 2006:  GPA 3.6/4.0

TECHNICAL SKILLS: Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows
Hardware: Most PCís, Macintosh, SGI
Software: Microsoft, TeraScan Suite
Computer Languages: C++, Html, Java
May 2004 - Aug 2004 University of Kansas, Lawrence KS
Polar Radar for Ice Sheet Measurements (PRISM)
Intelligent Systems Team, Mentor: Dr. Prasad Gogineni

Using UML and the PRISM Intelligent System codebase developed a sequence diagram of a temperature agent getting data from a remote temperature sensor. With this model the PRISM Intelligent System Team can plan modification and additions to the multi-agent system
Aug 2004 - Jan 2005 Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City, NC
Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Remote Sensing Team, Mentor: Dr. Malcolm LeCompte

Verified occurrence of costal upwelling along the North Carolina coast using wind data, satellite measurements of sea surface temperature, and Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) observations
Aug 2003- Jan 2004 Physics Team, Mentor: Dr. Lei Zhang
Used modern RF techniques and fiber-optic technologies to improve coupling efficiency and to reasonably calculate total insertion loss
Aug 2002 - Jan 2003 Unix Team, Mentor: Mr. Benjamin James
Linked UNIX computers using wavelets, signal processing, artificial intelligence, and parallel virtual machine (PVM)
HONORS/AWARDS: National Technical Association 2004 Conference - Honorable Mention
Chancellor List- Fall 2002, Fall 2003
Vice Chancellor List- Spring 2003, Spring 2004
National Deanís List- Fall 2002- Present
IEEE Society
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)-Treasurer
Math Club
CONFERENCES: Women of Color 2003 Annual Awards Conference - Nashville, TN - September 2003
DoE EPSCor and LS-LAMP Student Research Conference-New Oreleans, LA- November 2003
REFERENCES: Available Upon Request