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Why I Chose Computer Science as a Major?

I chose this major because I feel that it will help me to become more familiar with computers and how they work inside and out. 

Why I chose My Minor?

I would like to minor in applied mathematics.  I chose this because math has always been an interest of mine and I would like to explore the many mathematical techniques that I may use in majoring in computer science.

My Projected Internship Experiences.

While I am at ECSU, I plan to do internships every summer that is available.  These internships will benefit me a lot in my career choices after I graduate from college.

My Projected Laboratory Experiences.

As a student at ECSU, I am currently enrolled in the ONR/NASA program that requires me to do at least twenty hours a week in a designated research lab.

My Future Plans.

After completing my four years at ECSU, I hope to have a job offer of at least sixty thousand or more from either NASA or IBM where I can program computers.  I will work at either of those places for two years before I go on to graduate school to get my master's degree in computer science.