Personal Statement
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"Esse Quam Videri!” This phrase is Latin meaning, “to be rather than to seem” and it symbolizes my personal philosophy for success, happiness, and life. My name is Carl William Seward and I am a junior mathematics major at Elizabeth City State University, which is located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. During my tenure here at Elizabeth City State University, I have been able to prepare myself not only as a researcher, but also as a future graduate school student, in an earnest effort in fulfilling the philosophy of “Esse Quam Videri!”

During my tenure at Elizabeth City State University, I have participated in many different research projects and training activities that has contributed to my professional development. For the past three years, I have conducted research on how mathematics and the ecology of northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia can be used together to explain mathematical principles to elementary school children using multimedia and other educational aids. Research in this area has been presented at Elizabeth City State University as well as at the Second Annual Tennessee State University/National Science Foundation/National Aeronautics and Space Administration Research Symposium. Additionally, I have had the privilege to participate in the Undergraduate Institute in Physics – Research Experience for Undergraduates (UnIPhy-REU) program at Hampton University in the summers of 2001 and 2002. In this internship program, I was able to conduct research in both theoretical and experimental elementary particle physics, and have won national awards and a publication in the "Journal of the NTA" for my research. In terms of training activities, I have assisted and participated in a number of events, including training persons on multimedia, desktop publishing, and mathematical software. I have also participated in the Elizabeth City State University Department of Mathematics Celebration of Women in Mathematics Annual Mathematics Day. Further, for the past two years, I have served as the test writer, forming questions for the mathematics competition portion of the mathematics day.

After graduating from Elizabeth City State University with my baccalaureate degree in mathematics, I will attend graduate school and pursue a masters and a Ph.D. degree in mathematics or mathematics education. With this breath of knowledge, I would like to teach mathematics at the high school and college levels, in addition to conducting research in mathematics and mathematics-related disciplines. My ultimate career goal is to become a university provost. In this administrative role, I will have a powerful impact on the quality of education received by university students, while helping to formulate curriculum and policies for academic programs at the university level, all at the same time. Furthermore, as university provost, I will have the opportunity to do what I feel I was born to do, that is, to teach.

The goals and expectations that I have for myself are high, however I realize that with hard work, determination, and motivation, I can not only accomplish my goals, but also leave the world better than I entered it.