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Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean, Marine and Polar Sciences

Research Experience for Undergraduates in Ocean, Marine, and Polar Science
REU OMPS promotes the professional development of minority undergraduate students through their participation in ocean, marine, and polar science.


Elizabeth City State University

Elizabeth City State University
A Historically Black College located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Eduation and Research

Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research
The goal of CERSER is to develop and implement innovative and relevant collaboration focused on ice sheet, coastal, ocean, and marine research.

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation
NSF is the the only federal agency whose mission includes support for all fields of fundamental science and engineering, except for medical sciences.

Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets
CReSIS was established by the NSF with the purpose to develop new technologies and computer models to measure and predict response of sea level change to the mass balance of ice sheets in Greenland and Antartica.
Office of Naval Research Office of Naval Research
The ONR coordinates, executes, and promotes the science and technology programs of the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

The central point of entry of several research projects at Elizabeth City State University.

Research Links
Missouri Botanical Garden, What Is A Watershed?
United States Environmental Protection Agency, What Is a Watershed?
Watersheds, Functions and Management U.S. Department of Agriculture
The Nature Conservancy, Journey with Nature Watersheds 101
Environmental Monitor, What Is Dissolved Oxygen in Water?
Water Quality Parameters
USGS Georgia Water Science Center, Water Resources of Georgia
How Does TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Affect Water Purification?
 “An Introduction to Urban Watersheds”

Earth Force, Water Quality Parameters Quality Testing/Water Quality Parameters.pdf

Dissolved Oxygen and Primary Aquatic Productivity
Student Watershed Research Project
Water Quality Index Calculator
Voluntary Estuary Monitoring Manual, Chapter 14: Salinity
A comparative study of the 2011/2013 water quality assessments in the Pasquotank Watershed in Northeastern North Carolina
Water-Quality Assessment of the Pasquotank River Watershed; Analysis of Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Salt, Total Dissolved Solids, and Conductivity