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I became interested with mathematics education when I was in the first grade. A number of experiences have shaped my confidence in my mathematical skills. Great quality teachers that came to school with the true passion and desire to teach their students have influenced me. Some of the teachers would allow me to assist my fellow classmates and even stand and teach the class. For my high grades, I was inducted into the National Honor Society in my junior year and appointed to the position of Vice President, became a member of Future Business Leaders of America, Future Career and Community Leaders of America, a Knowledge Bowl participant, and leader of the mathematics team in my senior year. As a member of all these organizations, I was required to do community service. For my community service, I decided to tutor other students in mathematics classes.

The main inspiration for my desire to pursue a degree in mathematics education is the great quality teachers I have interacted with. Because of these experiences, I went on to obtain a full scholarship to Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU) where I am majoring in Mathematics Education. During my freshman year at MVSU, my academic advisor insisted that I should join the Mathematics and Computer Information Sciences (MCIS) Club. All members of the MCIS club were required to tutor students in math classes. They were also required to apply for an internship, which is how I discovered this internship from the Research Experience for Undergraduates in Ocean, Marine, and Polar Science program at Elizabeth City State University.

The title of this project is "A comparative study to the 2011/2013 water quality assessments in the Pasquotank Watershed in Northeastern North Carolina with a sea level rise component". This research was a great start for myself and my teammate, Raveen McKenzie. Our mentor for this study was Jeff Wood. The water sources tested were Newbegun Creek, Mill Dam Creek, Areneuse Creek, the Pasquotank River, Sawyers Creek, and Knobbs Creek. Along with these water sources, the Lower Pasquotank is now listed as testing site where four new points were tested. The main purpose for this research is to compare the studies from our data to the 2011 and 2013 data to determine the overall health of all the tested water sources and analyze any trends that may cause sea level rise. Tests performed in the laboratory on this year’s samples included pH, salinity, total dissolved solids, and conductivity. Air/water temperature, dissolved oxygen, wind speed/direction, and turbidity/clarity measurements were taken in the field. In conclusion, we summarize the water qualities of each creek and the river itself and use the Water Quality Index Calculator to determine the water sources' health from a zero to hundred range where zero to fifty is bad, fifty-one to seventy is medium, seventy-one to ninety is good, and ninety-one and hundred is excellent.

After completing my undergraduate studies, I would like to pursue a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education. Afterwards, I plan on earning my Doctorate Degree in Mathematics Education. Finally, I will have reach my career as a professor of mathematics.