Nyjah Grant
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My name is Nyjah Grant. As a current student of Longwood University, I am obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Secondary Education.  I have decided to not only teach, but also encourage students to realize mathematics is not as difficult a subject.  Students need someone who will take the time to teach them in the best way they know how to learn.  Everyone knows practice makes perfect, especially for mathematics; however, it does not have to be enforced with only pencil and paper.  I will use the current hands on methods learned in mathematics education to relay information to students.  To make teaching and learning interactive, creative games and activities will be incorporated in the learning curriculum.

To ensure the advancement of mathematics education, I plan to partake in internship and research opportunities.  The participation in such exceptional endeavors will not only increase my knowledge in my prospective field of study but also allow this new understanding to become an avenue to the applicable areas of mathematics.

In my calculus course, I learned the mathematical equations associated with curves and planes in three dimensions; also the integration and differentiation of multi-variable functions.  The Transition to Advance Mathematics course provided an introduction to mathematical proofs focusing on the laws of the number system.  In relation to education, the educational skills taught at my institution provide students with firsthand experiences in the classroom.  The Introduction to the Teaching Profession course provides an outline of the foundations of teaching education.  Using these foundations, this course highlights the professional aspects of education such as:  emphasis on the history and philosophy of education; school organization; governance; legal and financial issues; teacher preparation; professional development; practicum preparation; and lesson planning.  At the conclusion of this course I constructed a teaching portfolio, which described in detail teaching techniques and styles.  The Human Growth and Development course examines the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development of human beings. Heredity and environmental influences will be stressed in the life-span study with specific emphasis upon prenatal through adolescent development.  This course required students to conduct an experiment that studied the development of three individuals experiencing different stages in physical, cognitive, and social-emotional growth.  In my most recent Practicum course, I studied the current exercises used in secondary education.  In the process of applying to the Teacher Prep Program at Longwood University, I compare the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) standards to the way teachers conduct their classroom.  During this course, I was required to observe the local elementary school for at least 30 hours and construct lesson plans that would be used in an evening tutoring session.
This past fall semester, I participated in the Putnam County Mathematics Competition, attended Math Club meetings, and Problem Solving meetings.  These extracurricular activities are designed to help students approach mathematics from a different perspective. By the conclusion of my time spent at Longwood University, I aspire to become a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, a mathematics honor society at Longwood University and the Cook Cole College Advisory Board.   In the spring of 2015, I plan to study abroad in Greece to learn in detail the history of mathematics.

As an undergraduate researcher for the Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER) I had the opportunity to assist parents in understanding the North Carolina Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten through 2nd grade mathematics.  The Mathematics Team focused on parent involvement in the educational processes and experiences of their children by providing ways parents can increase their involvement in their children’s education. In preparation for this study, mentors Dr. Darnell Johnson and Dr. Ervin Howard introduced key aspects that would enhance an overall understanding of the parent involvement research and consequently produce effective parent response results. These key aspects include, but are not limited to: teacher education, curriculum alignment, North Carolina Common Core State Standards (NC-CCSS), National Council of Teachers in Mathematics (NCTM), and elementary mathematics competencies.

After my undergraduate studies are complete, I plan to continue my education and pursue a Master’s Degree in Mathematics.  Following, pursue a doctorate in Mathematics and a doctorate in Education. I aspire to become a college professor in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, or D.C. area specializing in Statistics, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Secondary Mathematics Education.  Also, be a mathematics specialist for the local high schools assisting teachers in making their classroom environment welcoming to students.  These classrooms will be equipped with hands on methods of learning, technology to target the tech savvy generation, teacher-student and peer interaction tips and activities, and independent student learning tips and activities.