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Terascan Curriculum Development and Integration of SeaSpace Technology into the Classroom

Mentor: Je'aime Powell, Elizabeth City State University

Keywords: SeaSpace, TeraScan, Remote Sensing, Curriculum Development, and Continuing Education

Seaspace and Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in February of 2012. Seaspace is the world's leading provider of satellite ground stations and processing software for remote sensing applications. The MOU stated that ECSU would provide a training site for Seaspace’s technology and data products along with integration of the products into classroom curriculum. In return, Seaspace would provide ground stations for receiving direct broadcast data from various telemetries. The ground stations include a 3.7m X/L band, a 3.6m C band, and a 5.0m L band dishes, along with accompanying computing hardware. The purpose of this project was to generate a training curriculum focused on the K-12 classroom, along with college courses, and outside governmental agencies. The curriculum contains one hour modules which as a whole could be presented as a 10 hour course that qualifies as one continuing education unit (CEU) for K-12 teachers and administrators.  Example modules for “Introduction to Remote Sensing” and “Introduction to the TeraScan” were also created.  

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