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Using Common Core State Standards of Seventh Grade Mathematics in the Application of NXT LEGO® Robotics for CReSIS Middle School Students

Keywords: Common Core Mathematics Standards, NXT LEGO® Robotics, CReSIS

Mentor: Dr. Darnell Johnson

RET Team: Malcolm McConner (ECSU), Jessica Hathaway (ECSU), Ricky Dixon (MVSU)

In 2010 Common Core Standards included critical content for all students in American education for forty-five states. Previously, every state had its own set of academic standards and students in each state were learning at different levels. In the new global economy, all students must be prepared to compete on a global basis. Students are expected to develop a deeper mastery of content and demonstrate what they know through writing and other projects. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s (NCDPI) current curriculum and instruction are more student-centered with greater focus on skills, abilities, and a shift towards more performance assessments. This research was designed to focus on mathematical processes of the Common Core Standard in mathematics lesson plans for seventh grade students. A group of seventh grade students from two middle schools of Elizabeth City Public Schools in northeastern North Carolina were selected for this research at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) for the Center of Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS). Pre and post test data were collected through student assessments and teaching observations to evaluate student growth in content knowledge, understanding and application. The Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Team used mathematical strategies to teach various scientific, mathematical, and design concepts, through designing and programming NXT LEGO® Robotics for the seventh grade level. The students received hands on experience for robotics construction and programming with application of mathematics, motion, and problem solving in a collaborative group setting.