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Developing a Remote Sensing and Cloud Computing Curriculum for the Association of Computer/Information Sciences and Engineering Departments at Minority Institutions (ADMI)


Keywords: Cloud Computing, storage area networks, virtual private networks, computer networks, Google, web services, Digital video broadcasting, remote   sensing, curriculum development, educational programs

Abstract (Extended Abstract)
In the past decade, online learning initiatives have become increasingly comprehensive and have allowed students to be unburdened from learning complex subjects in a traditional teach-learn environment. Universities have recognized the need to adapt new teaching-learning approaches for meeting students' diverse inadequacies. Cloud computing, which offers a scalable and flexible approach to storing, processing, and analyzing big data, has benefited from a variety of science applications except for remote sensing. The research explored the potential for a cloud computing and remote sensing curriculum through the use of video resources and hands-on assessments. This research discusses a curriculum for coupling two diverse research areas, cloud computing and remote sensing. The solution acquired information about cloud computing and remote sensing in order to develop five 15-20 minute self-contained modules. Understanding the challenges recognized by minority serving institutions in adapting from a teaching-learning environment to an online environment were also explored.