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Hello my name is Anthony Lynn. I am a junior at Winston-Salem State University located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am majoring in Computer Science and my love for technology led me to pursue the degree. The first computer I ever worked on had Windows 95 and I was too young to understand what it was but it amazed me. I began wanting to be on the computer every day to a point where I would be kicked off the computer.  I also am a heavy gamer and I produce music which has a lot to do with computers as well. All aspects of technology led to me to want to pursue this degree.

In high school I took many classes dealing with computers so I would come to college with more knowledge than I would without them. I started doing research on different computer companies and different operating systems by my senior year in high school because I felt I needed to know about the software in the field that I wanted to enter in. Classes I have taken in high school and college stem from networking, photoshop, computer programming, computer software, computer hardware, and many more. I am maintaining a good grade point average and seeking internships and research opportunities to help me expand my knowledge and experience in the computer field. I am a member of Toast Master’s International, at Winston-Salem State University, which is an international speaking club that has members from across the world. It is the computer science/information technology’s speaking club for our school.

For the summer of 2013 I was accepted into two research opportunities. The first was Watershed Watc at Elizabeith City State University. The title of my research was "The Watermark Project: Human Actions Impacting the Quality of Water". For the research I took time sampling water around Pasquotank county for the quality. Research Experience for Undergraduates in Ocean, Marine, and Polar Science my second opportunity at Elizabeth City State University. The title of my research was "A comparative study of the 2011/2013 water quality assessments in the Pasquotank Watershed in Northeastern North Carolina". We spent time collecting water samples, testing the quality of water and comparing it to the 2011 teams data recordings. I used my computer skills during the development of my teams website by using previous learned knowledge about coding.

While attending Winston-Salem State University I plan to gain plenty of knowledge about computers and other valuable things that I will need to take my education to the next level or even start a career. I plan on excelling as a programmer. I plan on getting another intership with a company and also attending graduate school. Hopefully I could recieve a fellowship which will make things easier. I know for certain that going to graduate school could help me excel and get the job that I actually want.