Professional Statement

My name is Donquel Davis. I currently attend Winston Salem State University where I major in Computer Science. I am a rising sophomore with ambitions on attaining my Masters in Computer Science by the year 2015. I am currently involved in WSSU's honors program. Also I am a member of my school's Robotics group. I am an Office Assistant in Winston Salem State University's Elva Jones building for Computer Science with hopes of gaining networking opportunities within my major. I chose to major in Computer Science because ever since I was a toddler I have always wanted to create video games or engineer electronic organisms such as robots. I was first inspired to pursue a major in Computer Science because at a young age I was an extreme gamer. My mom would tell me that I should choose a career that I will enjoy. From then on I knew that I had to attend college for the sole purpose of a career in Computer Science.

In order to reach my Bachelors in Computer Science, I am currently following the pre-defined curriculum pathway set by WSSU. In my freshman year I have taken courses on Java, C++, and C. In addition, I have attended a robotics conference at Norfolk State University, which was sponsored by Artsi, a collaborative and educational research group centered around robotics. In preparation for this conference I learned how to program in Linux with Ubuntu using Tekkotsu, an open source framework supporting software development for a variety of robotic platforms.

Currently I am attending an internship for the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS). I was subdivided into the History Group. In this group, my team is working with satellite imagery to investigate a Civil War site known as Cobbs Point. With the help of a Ground Penetrating RADAR (GPR), we will investigate the foundations of Cobbs Points, the location of 1677 Culpepper’s Rebellion.   

After I obtain my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, I plan on pursuing graduate studies at an institution other than Winston Salem State University. I am currently exploring my options as to which university to attend to gain my Masters and I have selected Elizabeth City State University as one of those options.