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Team Abstract

The 2002-2003 GLOBE Program Research Team at Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, North Carolina will establish and monitor three environmental sites on the campus of ECSU. With these three established sites, the research team will collect and evaluate the obtained data, and create mathematical models to express the data both qualitatively and qualitatively.The research team will conduct investigations in the following areas, which are called GLOBE protocols: atmosphere, hydrology, soil, and land cover biology.

For atmosphere investigations, we will record air temperature, minimum, and maximum temperatures from an instrument shelter. With respect to hydrology investigations, we will collect water samples from a creek located on the campus of Elizabeth City State University to conduct several experiments in addition to evaluating the water temperature. For soil investigation,we will collect soil samples and perform several experiments under this study in addition to measuring soil temperature. Finally, for land cover biology, we will use remote sensing equipment provided by the CERSER Research Center at ECSU to classify a small area of land on the Elizabeth City State University campus.

Further, by collecting environmental data from around the campus that encompass these three domains, five pre-service mathematics teacher education students will gain a better understanding of Earth and its interrelated cycles which comprise an integrated system. The 2002-2003 GLOBE Program Research Team will also provide data that will enable scientists to study the earth's system. The GLOBE high school research team will utilize a variety of instrumentation and chemicals to conduct studies of the Earth's land, air, water and biology systems. Moreover, The 2002-2003 GLOBE Research Team will contribute their efforts to become efficient with the changes of the Earth system.