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A Study of the Spiral Galaxy M101

Katrina Banks and Issac Lister
Elizabeth City State University

We present the results of summer research on the spiral galaxy M101. We have processed and examined images of this object taken from the ground using narrow-band interference filters centered on wavelenghts of several bright nebular emission lines. Our study included examining emission from both high and low ionization ions, O++ and N+ respectively. The presence of HII regions in the arm as well as the ionization structure across the galaxy is discussed.

The authors gratefully acknowledge funding provided by NASA-MUSPIN to Elizabeth City State University (NCC 5-121) and South Carolina State University (NCC 5-116) and NASA-URC to Tennnessee State University (NCC 5-228). Additional funding was provided by the Office of Naval Research (N00014-99-1-0990).
Investigations of a Toy Model of Dark Matter Clustering

Shayla Banks, Vincent Davis,
Elizabeth City State University

The growth of dark matter clusters in the early universe is investigated by using a two-dimensional toy model developed by Krauss and Starkman.* The model is implemented in the Mathematica software so that the variation of model parameters can be understood visually. Effects investigated include expansion, growth of the horizon, and free-streaming. Because dark matter is thought to be the seeds for the formation of galaxies, the correlation function for a set of model parameters is calculated and compared with that determined from an actual galaxy catalog.

*Lawrence M. Krauss and Glenn D. Starkman. Teaching About Cosmology: A Programmed Guide for High School Teaching and Learning. College Park, MD: American Association of Physics Teachers, 1999.

The authors wish to acknowledge support for this research from NASA-MUSPIN to Elizabeth City State University (NCC 5-121), South Carolina State University (NCC 5-116) and NASA-URC to Tennessee State University (NCC 5-228). Additional funds were provided by NSF HBCU-UP and the Office of Naval Research N00014-99-1-0990
OSS Science Information Systems Newsletter

The article entitled " Elizabeth City State University Reaches Minority Schools With Information Technology" was published in issue 47 of this newsletter. The article was written by Valerie L. Thomas, Research/Education Outreach Coordinator, and Linda Bailey Hayden, Network Resource and Training Sites Principle Investigator. SISN ISSUE 47 can be viewed at the URL:
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