MU-SPIN Project Planning Meeting

January 14-15, 1999 NASA HQ, MIC 3 A&B

January 14

9:00-9:30am 	Welcome - NASA/HQ

		John Malone, MURED

		George Reese, Associate Adminstrator for Equal 
		Opportunity Programs

9:30-11:00am	MU-SPIN-/NRTS Issues - James Harrington and 
		Reginald Eason

11:00-11:30am	Lunch

11:30-1:00pm	Poster Session, NASA/HQ Lobby

1:00-2:45pm	Third Year Site Visits and Reviewing Briefing

2:45-3:00pm 	Break

3:00-3:20pm 	Best Practices

		Benefits and challenges of "Staffing Up" for collaborative 
		grant and outreach activities - Donald K. Walter, PI, 
		South Carolina State University

		Benefits and challenges of funding student support for 
		facilitating the use of information technology in science 
		departments - Harry schulte, Coordinator, University of 
		Texas at El Paso

3:30-4:00pm 	Open discussion

4:00pm		Adjourn

January 15

9:00-10:00am 	Review of Day 1 Activities - James Harrington

10:00-10:15am 	Break

10:15-11:00am 	Presentation from Earth Sciences - Nahid Khazenie, NASA/GSFC

11:00-12:00pm 	Presentation from Space Sciences - Deborah Hale, NASA/HQ

12:00-1:00pm 	Lunch

1:00-2:00pm 	Project Nova - Deborah Gallaway, NASA/HQ and 
		Leo Edwards, Fayetteville State University

2:00-3:00pm 	MU-SPIN 2000 and Open Discussion - James Harrington

3:00pm 		Adjourn