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The Mathematics of the Dismal Swamp Project supports a team of professors from ECSU to use research on The Great Dismal Swamp Project as a platform for development of a mathematics education course that incorporates a generic wetlands application. The focus of the project is to improve pre-service math education students' understanding of the interdisciplinary nature (includes biology, organisms and aquatic levels; chemistry; geosciences, estuaries and swamp; and math, analysis of the data) associated with earth systems science. Four new products will be developed, which include the interdisciplinary approach for incorporating earth systems science in the targeted mathematics education course.
During the first year of the project a NOVA workshop was organized that involved over 60 college professors and administrators. As a result of the workshop eight HBCU/MIs submitted proposals to NOVA and four were funded. Funds from the Mathematics of The Great Dismal Swamp project were used to conduct the NOVA workshop.
Five Mathematics, geosciences, and mathematics education majors were provided with scholarships through this program. These students worked with the principal investigator to prototype the bookcover shown below.

Book Cover
The book cover to the left is available in Printable PDF format. The PDF file is 1.2 megs so be aware of slow download times. The image is 13"x19". This bookcover has been approved by the NASA Earth Science Enterprise as a NASA educational product.

PDF File (1.2 Megabytes)

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Contact: Dr. Linda Bailey Hayden, PI
NASA Network Resources and Training Site
Elizabeth City State University
Box 672 1704 Weeksville Road
Elizabeth City, NC 27909
252/335-3696 voice
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Sponsored by:
NASA Earth Science Education Office NAG5-9372
MU-SPIN Office of Goddard Space Flight Center NCC5-533
Elizabeth City State University