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Women in Mathematics Day - Math Sprint
The Math Sprint Competition consisted of a team of girls from each school completing problems under a time constraint. The teams were given points for correct answers and were penalized for no answer. Dr. Stephanie Johnson led this years competition. The winners were announced during the closing lunch and received trophies for their efforts.
High School Winners
31st Place
Northeastern High School
Team Name: Eagles
Coach: Mr. Sawyer/Ms. Brinker

Team Members
Lashawnda Gary
Nyla Harris
Laura Rosenberger
Tinity Rentas

Corleis Riddick

12nd Place
Hertford County High School
Team Name: HCHS Lady Bears
Coach: Ms. Rosalie Mercader

Team Members
Jazmine Bunch
Kaisi Peele
Whitney Manley
Delores Watford

33rd Place
Pasquotank County High School
Team Name: PCHS
Coach: Mr. Michael Jefferson

Team Members
Niamh Massey
Jasiyah Raynor
Lexi Pierce
Tykira Beadley

Middle School Winners
11st Place
Central Middle School
Team Name: Lady Vikings
Coach: Jennifer Dail

Team Members
Krista Savage White
Camryn Byrum
Jordan Mitchell
Arri Woodhouse

Riley Anderson

12nd Place
Elizabeth City Middle School
Team Name: Lady Yellow Jackets
Coach: Ms. Cole/Mrs. Walker

Team Members
Shyanne Burgess
Janaeya Brooks
Armani Rascoe
Nekaeh Lagon

Jocelyn Godfrey

13rd Place
Washington County Union Middle School
Team Name: Lady Beavers
Coach: Yashonti Hunt, Danisha Norfleet, Rene Cherry, Wyzona James

Team Members
Iyanna Boston
Makaela Selby
Raijuanna Askew
Iyanna Barrow
Tynasia Hyman

CWM 2012