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Awards Dinner

The IEEE GRSS recognizes the following individuals for their contributions to the field of remote sensing:

  • 2006 IEEE Fellows: Kultegin Aydin, Eastwood Im, Ellsworth LeDrew, Charles Luther
  • 2006 IEEE GRSS Distinguished Achievement Award Recipient: David G. Goodenough
  • 2006 IEEE GRSS Outstanding Service Award Recipient: Albin J. Gasiewski
  • 2006 IEEE GRSS Education Award Recipient: Fawwaz Ulaby
Student Prize Paper Competition - Top Ten Finalists
1. Adriano Meta
Peter Hoogeboom
Leo P. Ligthart
  Range non-linearities correction in FMCW   Delft University of Technology, SAR Netherlands
2. Adam C. Zelinski
Vivek K Goyal
  Denoising Hyperspectral Imagery and Recovering Junk Bands using Wavelets and Sparse Approximation   Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
3. Marivi Tello
C. Lopes-Martinez
Ramon Bonastre
Jordi J. Mallorqui
  Automatic detection of spots and extraction of frontiers in SAR images by means of the wavelet transform: application to ship and coastline detection   Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
4. Evan G. Zaugg
Derek L. Hudson
David G. Long
  The BYU mSAR: A small, student-built SAR for UAV operation   Brigham Young University, USA
5. Francesca Bovolo
Lorenzo Bruzzone
  A Novel Theoretical Framework for Unsupervised Change Detection Based on Change Vector Analysis in Polar Domain   University of Trento, Italy
6. Feng Xu
Ya-Qiu Jin
  Mapping and Projection Algorithm: A New Approach to SAR Imaging Simulation for Comprehensive Terrain Scene   Fudan University, China
7. Chelle L. Gentemann
Peter J. Minett
  In situ observations of diurnal warming in the skin layer   University of Miami, USA
8. Benjamin Koetz
G. Sun
F. Mordorf
K. J. Ranson
K. Itten
B. Allgöwer
  Inversion of combined Radiative Transfer Models for Imaging Spectrometer and LIDAR Data  
University of Zürich, Switzerland
9. Mojtaba Dehmollaian
Kamal Sarabandi
  Simulation of Through-Wall Microwave Imaging: Forward an Inverse Models   University of Michigan, USA
10. Shawn Carlisle   Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Air   University of California