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This international conference is for all faculty and students who are interested in using modeling to motivate, teach, and learn differential equations. SIMIODE EXPO 2021 is part of our Community of Practice in SIMIODE. SIMIODE EXPO 2021 will be a virtual online conference and will include contributed paper sessions, minicourses, poster sessions, break out rooms, panel discussions, lounge areas, one-on-one conversations with instant ZOOM connection for “hallway” conversations, and more – all but the smell of hot coffee!! The conference will run from 3:30 PM (Eastern US Time) through 9:00 PM on Friday, 12 February 2021, and from 10:00 AM through 7:00 PM on Saturday, 13 February 2021, with time for friendly conversations and meet-ups. All sessions will be recorded and available for Registered Attendees.
The Association of Computer and Information Science/Engineering Departments at Minority Institutions (ADMI) is hosting a symposium devoted to computing issues relevant to minority students, education and institutions. This 2021 Symposium will highlight undergraduate and graduate research with particular interest on innovations in the computing field.

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