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2006 BWF Project - Team Projects
The Effect that Farm Runoff has on our Water System - [more]
Michelle Ajumobi, Rebecca Williams, Hope Johnson, Olivia Griffin
Pollution and Submerged Aquatic Vegetation - [more]
Daniel Prescott, Steven Brickhouse, Raechel Attaway, Tiffany Johnson, Leanne Burton
Pollutants in the Pasquotank Rivers - [more]
Heather Potersnak, Kanika Bryant, Michael Costa, Matt Bishop
Geological Predictions - [more]
Michael Costa, Heather Potersnak, Kanika Bryant, Matt Bishop
The Cleaner the Better - [more]
Emily Ajumobi, Timothy Calabrese, Erica Kufleitner
Myra Sawyer, Jamita Baker
Wetlands - [more]
Emily Ajumobi, Timothy Calabrese, Erica Kufleitner, Myra Sawyer, Jamita Baker
ECSU Burroughs Wellcome Program
Dr. William Porter, Principal Investigator
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