Summer 2007

Mentors: Je'aime Powell and Keisha Wilkins
Team Members: Amanda Bland, Andrea Grumbles, Camden Hearn, and Tyrone Whitehurst

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The focus of the ECSU TeraGRID team for the Summer of 2007 was to setup a documentation platform for a Condor-based GRID to be established at Elizabeth City State University. This documentation platform was a Linux based web sever that utilized Web 2.0 standards to create a virtual documentation web portal. Grid computing itself is the creation of a "virtual supercomputer" by using a network of geographically dispersed computers. In order to create such a network infrastructure, documentation is critical to communicate with the users, and the maintainers of the systems.

The web server created utilized an Ubuntu Linux kernel with an Apache web server, a MySQL Database, a PHP scripting package, and a Media Wiki web interface. This particular setup is called a LAMP server. LAMP is the acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP which are all open source applications. The combination of these LAMP applications allows for Media Wiki to function.

Currently installed, the documentation server is now able to utilize, and first display the information on how to re-create a document server. The documentation server is now being used to document how to setup a Condor-based GRID system.

Fall 2006- Spring 2007

Developing Standards and Practices for Archiving Multimedia Material
Mentor: Jeff Wood
Team Members: Jasmin Rivers and Tiwana Walton

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The Center for Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER) at Elizabeth City State University is an umbrella for several funded projects. These projects include: The Northeastern Chapter of the IEEE-GRSS Society, The Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS), NOAA's Educational Partnership Program at ECSU, The Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean and Marine Science Program (URE OMS), as well as the Undergraduate Research Experience Program supporting undergraduate research at ECSU. These programs entail numerous special events that generate both video and photographic images. Reports and other documentation are also created to record the success and progress of each program.

A standard method of digitizing images, movies, and documents and documenting the attributes of these digitized files was developed during this project. Standard procedures utilizing the equipment currently in place were developed, tested, and refined in order to convert VHS formatted tapes and developed photographs into digital files. Software such as CapWiz and Hewlett-Packard flatbed scanning software were used to complete this process. These files were then annotated in a Microsoft Access database utilizing the Dublin Core Element Set as a standard. A combination of Microsoft Access and Active Server pages was then utilized to provide access to the digitized images and the attached metadata via the web.