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 Professional Statement

My name is Gregory David McGee, II, and I am a sophomore, majoring in computer science, at Mississippi Valley State University. During the first semester, I achieved a 3.8 GPA (Grade Point Average). One of my goals is to keep a good GPA during my college education. I understand that keeping a good GPA will help aid my prospects for employment and internship opportunities. My advisor has always told me that if I work hard in college, I will be set for life. This is the example she has set with her own career.

Currently, I am a part of the Undergraduate Research Experience (URE)/GRID program. This program is stationed at Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Here, I am on a team with three other students, and we are investigating surface temperature trends on the West Antarctic ice sheet.

After graduating from college, I plan to get a job at a major computerized business. I may also attend graduate school to obtain a master’s degree in computer science. I would probably go into business as well. I really love computers as well as business. I feel that with a computer science degree, I can be a part of both of these fields.

In conclusion, I understand that I will have to study and work hard to obtain these goals; however, I am determined to succeed. I am confident that I will do well as a computer science major. When I have achieved my life's goals, I plan to come back to my alma maters (high school and college) and contribute to other students' education in computer science. I would like to mentor students of this wonderful filed, as others have mentored me. With proper study habits, and with necessary help, I will achieve all of my goals.