Professional Statement

As a child I had the benefit of growing up in a rural community, with the added bonus of living in a historic home on ninety acres. While living with the surroundings of a forest, with a running steam, I developed an abiding appreciation and respect for natural surroundings. Living close to our nation’s capitol gave me the opportunity to make the comparison of big city living to that of living out in the country. I realized the importance of an in-depth education and an appreciation of the differences in people’s customs and practices.

At the age of twenty-one it can be difficult to choose and set permanent goals because there are plethora's of options open to an intelligent as well as imaginative young man. At this time, my goals are; to become a Math teacher, United States Navy Jet Pilot, and Peace Corp Volunteer. With these goals in mind, I am currently working toward that goal by achieving another goal of mine, which is graduating from Elizabeth City State University with a 3.5+ GPA. Achieving this short range goal of obtaining my Bachelors in Science degree with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Secondary Education will allow me to pursue my greater long range goals. My commitment is to do my part in improving my local environment as well as the environment afar. After obtaining a Bachelor in Science, I will then move on to obtain my Masters and then my PhD.

Considering the opportunities my education will allow me to participate in, I feel empowered, excited, and prepared to take on the responsibilities and opportunities that present themselves to me because of my participation at ECSU. The degree I receive will allow me to pursue all my goals and achieve any one or more that I choose. I am thankful for all of the opportunities offered to me by ECSU. I will always be proud to be an Alumnus of Elizabeth City State University and know that my time here will have served me well.

On top of all of my education through the normal course of school I have also been accepted into the Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean/Marine Science here at Elizabeth City. It is a great experience because it is teaching me a lot about local and global environmental factors as close as the local watershed and as far as the ice sheets in Greenland and the Antarctic. On top of that, I have learned how to, and have, created my own professional website, and helped in the production of our team website. With my team, we have taken simple gaming software and improved on it to make it more appealing to people by complicating it enough to draw in more people using C++ software. All though this experience has a lot of fun, more importantly, it’s been extremely informative.