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SCHOOL ADDRESS:                                                           HOME ADDRESS:


St. Augustine’s College                                                         5401 E. Capitol St.,SE

1315 Oakwood Avenue                                                         Washington, DC 20019

Raleigh, NC 27610                                                             

(919) 516-4242                                              




            H.S.Diploma    Bishop McNamara High School            2000

            B.S.                      St. Augustine’s College                         2005




            Courses                                                                             Hours      

            General Education Requirements                                   43/46


Major Courses

BIOL 143        Principles of Biology II and Lab                    4

BIOL 241        Comparative Vert. Anatomy and Lab           4

            BIOL  242       Comparative Embryology and Lab               4

BIOL 310        Cell Biology and Lab                                       4

BIOL 332        Microbiology and Lab                                     4

BIOL 410       Biology Seminar I                                              1

BIOL 411        Science Seminar                                                1

            BIOL 430        Epidemiology & Biostatistics                         3

            BIOL   433      Immunology                                                      3  

      Total Major Courses                                                  31/42


Supporting Courses

            MATH 133      Trigonometry                                                  3

           CHEM 142      General Chemistry II and Lab                      4                                              

           MATH 231      Calculus I                                                         4

           PHYS 241       General Physics I and Lab                             4

           PHYS 242       General Physics II and Lab                           4

            Total Supporting Courses                                          19/38  





            2002 ( Summer )          North Carolina State University Dept. of Animal Science

                                                Advisor- Dr. Brenda Alston-Mills

2002-2003                                     St. Augustine’s College Dept. Of Biology

Advisor -  Dr. Mark A. Melton

2003( Summer )           Elizabeth City State University Dept. of Ocean and Marine Science

                                    Advisor- Mr. Kevin Foss





2001           Minorities Medical Education Program (M.M.E.P.)

       Fisk University


2002                      NSF Undergraduate Summer Research Program

North Carolina State University Dept. of Animal Science

Advisor- Dr. Brenda Altson-Mills


2003                      Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean and Marine Science Summer (URE OMSS) 

Elizabeth City State University

Mentor- Mr. Kevin Foss


Clubs and Organizations:



-     Student Service Corps.- This club is community service based. The members of this organization have made a commitment to dedicate time and service to those that are in need.

-         SciMaTech Club – This club is a club designed by students of the science, math, and technology department. It is a club that not only serves as an active forum for students to express their opinions and offer suggestions to improve the department, but it provides support for students from their fellow peers.

-         Biology Club – The biology club helps support students who desire to pursue a career in the biological sciences.

-         Pre-Med. Club – The pre-med. club provides information for students thinking about attending medical school.

-         Student Teacher – I am a student teacher of S.O.A.R.S. Every Saturday this semester, I have lead a biology review session for current freshman. This class provides reinforcement of the information presented early in the week by the biology professor.

-         Tutor- I dedicate time to helping my peers with concepts that may be vague to them but clear to myself.

-         Student Ambassador- This semester I have been appointed  as a student ambassador . I am responsible for representing the student body at various events.

-         Treasure of Phi Eta Sigma – Phi Eta Sigma is a national honors society based on scholarship and community service. I am in charge of the organization’s fiscal status.

-         GlaxcoWelcome Women in Science Scholar- I have been selected to be a participant of this program by the Department Chair. This program provides support and services to a select few of women wanting to pursue a career in science.


Skills and Training:

2003   UNIX

2003   CPR Certified


Scholarships and Awards:


            2000 - present          Presidential Scholar of  St. Augustine’s College

            2001-2002                 Miss Phi Eta Sigma

            2001, 2002                 Nominated for Who’s Who Among America College Students

2001, 2002,2003        Nominated for The National Dean’s List

2001-2002                          United Negro College Fund Scholarship Recipient




            Dr. Renata Dusenbury – Department Head of Biology

            and Honors program Advisor

            St. Augustine’s College

            Raleigh, NC 27610

            (919) 516-4073


            Dr. Mark Melton – Advisor


            St. Augustine’s College

            Raleigh, NC 27610

            (919) 516-4029



            Mrs. Olivia Jones – Advisor

            Student Service Corps/ Phi Eta Sigma

            St. Augustine’s College

            Raleigh, NC 27610

            (919) 516-4000