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Travis E. Jennings

Personal Statement

            My entire academic career was based on obtaining a position on the principal's list until my senior year of high school when my goal was achieved.  This was the same year that I had a chance to experience what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, computer engineering.  A near-by college allowed high school students to be enrolled in their computer engineering and networking classes.  I came to really enjoy the work of these classes and wanted to expand my interest I continued to take part two of these courses.  Since my interest in computer engineering gave me these excellent results. I figure that I am aspiring for a career I would be great at.

            Over the summer I got the chance to work with the teacher of my computer engineering courses on a project.  We were to help built computers for a nearby elementary school.  I received a lot of experience in troubleshooting and the physical building of a computer.  This summer experience gave me even more of and interest in computer engineering.  My goal soon became to be able to design the components of the computer myself. 

            I have had work experience in many different forms of work.  I have worked at a department store where my physical capabilities interpersonal relations were my tools. It was a small part-time job but it was my job so I did it to the best of my ability.  I also have worked in an office as a volunteer where I assisted teachers and maintained office activities such as announcements.  I worked with two other volunteers where we did our job to the best of our abilities.  We had small jobs that a played large part in keeping everything running smoothly.

            Through my experiences I have found discipline and focus. This lets me know that my goal is not only realistic but futuristic because I will achieve my goal. I aim to use these skills to achieve my goal of being a computer engineer to the best of my ability.