Personal Statement

In May 1999, I received my acceptance letter to Elizabeth City State University. This was a very exciting time for me. Months before, I couldn't even imagine that experience. Now I am glad to say that my first year went well and my second year at Elizabeth City State University is going even better. About a month later, I received my acceptance to the ONR/NASA student research program, through with I was given a scholarship. Through this program I also received acceptance to an internship at South Carolina State University, for Summer 2000. Being in the ONR/NASA program has helped me build my computer and research skills. Knowledge of these skills are especially important in this day in age and the more you know, the better the chances of getting a high rank position in the working world.

I've learned that you must have a goal in life, so that you have a written out plan of what you want in your future. This way you have something to reach for. Well, my goal is to learn all I can about computers and programming. For this reason, I have decided to major in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics, which is another subject that I am greatly interested in . My junior year of high school is when I realized that I wanted to devote my time and knowledge to these two fields of study. I feel that I am capable of mastering any area of study, it takes a set mind and determination. Working with computers helps build concentration and problem solving skills. It would be great if I could perform better at both of these activities.

I sincerely believe that an internship is just what I need to give me a boost in my knowledge and will test what I already know about computers and mathematics. In the time that I have started acquiring my computer skills, I have learned several Microsoft Applications, such as, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Aldus Type Twister, Banner Mania, Aldus Pagemaker, and similar software. As a Computer Science major I am also learning the C++ programming language. Frequent internet use has also been adding to my list of computer skills. Being a student in the ONR/NASA student research program has given my the opportunity to learn UNIX also.

I feel that an internship will be essential in helping me reach my goal to become a Computer Scientist and also enter the field of Mathematics Education. I am very eager to participate any programs or activities that will make me more knowledgeable and boost my confidence so that I can be successful in the working world. I am also interested in group projects and activites. The time I have spent researching at school has had a great influence on my decision to attend Graduate School after college, so that I may attain my Masters in Computer Science and I know that an internship would prepare me a great deal for the time and open doors to success in a fulfilling career.

On April 4, 2000 I received notification that I had been excepted to attend the Summer 2000 Undergraduate Institute in Astrophysics at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC. I gladly excepted. The program began on Monday, June 5, 2000 and ended on Friday, July 28, 2000. The URIA program is an eight week, residential course ofstudy in astrophysics for underrepresented minority students. This summer students attended from school such as Elizabeth City State University, New Mexico State University, The University of the Virgin Islands and others. During this eight week program we encountered various lectured topics and occational speakers. Computer and Web Use was bery essential to the program. The researchers were given an introduction to UNIX & LINUX, Use of X-termianls. We were given the basics of Astronomy in several lectures and the instrumentation of Astronomical research, such as telescopes, binoculars, and CCDs.

The more exciting part of the internship included a week trip to the South West ,United States. We toured observatories including Apache Point Observatory (New Mexico), The National Solar Observatory, Sacremento Peak (New Mexico), Fairborn Observatory (Arizona) and Kitt Peak National Observatory (Arizona). Each student had to complete a research project and research poster to go along with their project to be presented at the 10th Annual MU-SPIN meeting in Atlanta, Georgia during the week of September 11-16, 2000. Overall, the experience was great and even though I am not studying Astronomy at ECSU, I have a great respect for the mysteries and the science, because there is so much to learn.