Professional Statement

At the age of twenty-one it can be difficult to choose and set permanent goals because there is a plethora of options open to an intelligent as well as imaginative young man. At this time, my goal is to become a United States Naval Aviator as well as to achieve a PhD in Math Education, and become a professor at a prestigious university. I am currently working towards this goal by achieving another goal of mine, which is graduating from Elizabeth City State University with a 3.5+ GPA. Achieving this short range goal of obtaining my Bachelors in Science degree with a major in Mathematics Education will allow me to pursue my greater long range goals. My commitment is to do my part in improving my local environment as well as the environment afar. After obtaining a Bachelor in Science, I will then move on to obtain my Masters and ultimately a Ph.D. in Math Education.

In addition to my education during the Academic year, I have also taken part in the Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean and Marine Science at Elizabeth City State University. It was a great experience, it taught me about local and global environmental factors as close as the local watershed and as far away as the ice sheets in Greenland and the Antarctic. I learned to create my own professional website and helped in the production of our team website. My team took simple gaming software and made improvements that were more appealing to users. This was accomplished by making it more interactive to draw in more people. To do this we used the 2005 Express Version of Microsoft Visual Express C++ software. This was previously accomplished utilizing Graduate Students working under our mentor, Dr Agah. The experience was a lot of fun as well as informative.

Considering the opportunities my education will allow me to participate in, I feel empowered, excited, and prepared to take on the responsibilities and opportunities that present themselves to me because of my participation at ECSU. The degree I receive will allow me to pursue my goals and achieve many more that I will pursue. I am thankful for all of the opportunities offered to me by ECSU.