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Professional Statement

As I mature in life and realize my many purposes in life, I know that there will be many obstacles that will come my way. The one obstacle that I will never let get in my way is the obstacle of unsuccessful. I know that in order to succeed I must work hard. I am currently a freshman at Elizabeth City State University. My major is Mathematics and my minor is Education.

Throughout my life, I have always been interested in anything that dealt with math. I was a very active student in each math class and maintained the top grades throughout each class. Math is important in life in anything that one does. I know that through great education in mathematics, I will be able to apply it to my everyday life.

My future goals are to become a secondary education mathematics teacher. I know that I must strive for the best and receive as much education as possible to become a successful educational teacher. To make this possible, I believe it is important to further my education by attending graduate school. To prepare me for this endeavor, I was accepted into the CERSER Research Program at Elizabeth City State University, this has broadened my chances at achieving everything that I have set out to achieve. I know that my graduate school goal will be possible if I continue to work hard throughout this CERSER Program. With my degrees in mathematics along with education, I know I can be one of the best successors in my future.