Unquiea Briellie Wade

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Statement of Purpose

In life, all should aspire to achieve the “American Dream” based on what they consider success to be. My future success and goals include becoming a dynamic woman in the Computer Science field. The journey towards my dream began when I chose Computer Science as my major and knowing the impact it would have on my future. I enjoy working with computers and creating basic programs. While accepting the challenge of programming, my creativity and determination will help me to always complete the tasks started. This field intrigues me because of the diverse positions and potential job advancements that it has to offer. Completing undergraduate studies and receiving my B.S. in Computer Science is the first step toward starting my career.

Five years from now, I plan to be competitive in the Computer Science field through having experience in research, conducting workshops, presentations, and an overall knowledge of computers. I know this field will be competitive for many people within my discipline, but my aspirations will set me apart from the other graduates. Exposure to current and future improvements in technology will help me to accomplish my goals. Through experience, I will be educated in multiple areas of Computer Science, focusing primarily on the two specific areas of Networking and UNIX computing. Computer Science caught my attention from the very beginning of my elementary education. I first encountered computers when creating computer graphics from a booklet and by it being a part of my daily activities during elementary school. Computer technology was also one of the classes I took part in during my elementary school years.

Even now my mind is fixed on the amazing concepts that computers and technology have brought into the world. My classroom environment stimulates my mind towards computers, which motivates me to research further into the field of computer science. It motivates me because it is interactive, intermediate and it is a valuable experience. I plan to continue my education by attending graduate school and obtaining my Master’s degree in Computer Science. After completing graduate school, I look forward to a satisfying and fulfilling career in this ever changing field.



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