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Je'aime Henri Powell


May 2004

Elizabeth City State University

Elizabeth City, NC

Bachelors of Science

•  Major of Computer Science

•  Minor of Airway Science

June 1997 I.C. Norcom High School Portsmouth, VA

Advanced Diploma

Math, Science, and Engineering Magnet Program

Professional Experience

2002- Present Canon ITS Chesapeake, VA

Senior Product Support Representative - Macintosh

•  Installs Printers, scanners, faxes, software, and multifunction devices on PC and Macintosh platforms over the telephone.

•  Conduct telephone technical support for Canon computers, software, printers, scanners, faxes, and multifunction devices.

•  Create and maintain cases using Peoplesoft© and Vantive© call center software.

•  Became the first product support Representative to reach senior level in less than four months.

•  Complete escalated cases from junior technicians.

•  Consistently maintains customer quality levels above 90%.

2000 - 2002

Carolina Computers

Murfreesboro, NC

Store Manager / On-site Network Technician

•  Managed merchandise stocking and control.

•  Enhanced productivity and efficiency by implementing massive organizational procedures.

•  Surveyed customer locations, and suggested solutions to networking needs.

•  Rectified problematic user/business IBM-PC and Macintosh systems.

•  Conceived, implemented, and maintained a company website.

•  Liaison between customers and purchasing agent.

•  Designed and built custom computer systems dependant on customer/business needs.

•  Program Motorola, Nokia, and Kyocera cellular phones for customer needs.

•  Aid customers in wireless communication decisions.

1995 - 2002

The DataBank

Norfolk, VA

Assistant Manager / On-site Network Technician

•  Enhanced productivity and efficiency by implementing massive organizational procedures.

•  Surveyed potential clientele for later proposed service(s).

•  Implemented clientele requested service.

•  Liaison between employees and owners.

•  Rectified problematic user/business IBM-PC systems.

•  Built custom computer systems for customers/businesses.


Skills Summary

•  Microsoft Windows Versions 3.0 through XP Pro

•  Microsoft Server Versions NT through 2000 Advanced

•  Microsoft Office Versions 3.1 through XP

•  Corel Office Versions 7 through 2002

•  WordPerfect Versions 5 Dos through 6 Windows

•  Microsoft Visual Studio J++

•  Turbo C/C++

•  TI Basic


•  Microsoft FrontPage

•  Microsoft Personal Server

•  Macromedia Dreamweaver

•  Macromedia Flash / Flash MX

•  Macromedia Authorware

•  TCP/IP based Networks

•  LINUX/UNIX (Mandrake, RedHat, Suse, FreeBSD, Solaris)

•  Photoshop

•  Printshop Deluxe Studio

•  Photo Studio

•  PageMaker

•  Quark Express

•  Domain based Networks

•  Cat 5 Installation

•  Video editing (Digital and Analog)

•  Adobe Premiere

•  Cakewalk Pro

•  CueBase

•  Mozart

•  Norton Antivirus Corporate Servers

•  High damage virus removal

•  PC-Troubleshooting (PC and MAC)

•  Purchasing

•  Managing

•  Human Resources

•  Research

•  Typing/Keyboarding (55 wpm)

•  Desktop Publishing

•  Mathematica

•  Limited SQL

•  Microsoft Access

•  Microsoft Works

•  MP3 burning and conversion

•  Printer installation and trouble-shooting (Laser, Inkjet, and Network)

•  Website Design

•  Carpentry

•  Phone Installation

•  Internet Connection Sharing Administrator

•  Videographer

•  Landscaping and Design

•  Macromedia Fireworks

•  Cellular Phone sales

•  Cellular (Analog and Digital) Phone Programming

•  StarOffice

•  Open Office

Extended Professional Explanation

Store Manager / Level V Network Technician

Carolina Computers - Murfreesboro, NC 2000 - 2002

I began working at Carolina Computers (Elizabeth City) in 2000 as a part-time tech, and grew into the store manager of the number one ranked store, which is located in Murfreesboro, NC. In the beginning I mainly built and repaired IBM-PC compatible computer systems. Rarely did I venture out to on-site network jobs. In the second month of work I designed and implemented the company's first website. Within the next month I was promoted to store manager and company purchaser for the then three locations. In early 2001 I won a company wide award for the research and deployment of two new service / products. The products were live web-based security cameras and point-of-sale software / hardware. During this time I also began to quote, purchase, implement, and support entire windows 2000 server based networks. These networks included hardware, anti-virus, firewall, WAN (Wide-area Networks), VPN (Virtual Private Networks), Domain (Active Directory based), and shared-internet experiences. Mid 2001 I was promoted to Technician Manager and Regional Web Development manger at our newest store in Ahoskie, NC. In early 2002 I left the company briefly to pursue a different career path but soon returned to manage a new store in Murfreesboro, NC. During the first month of operation my stores sales ranked second in US Cellular history for new activations. This is an even greater accomplishment given the fact that there were only two employees in my store including myself. In the second month of operation my store ranked second in the country for over all sales. Finally in the third month my store has become number one in sales for our region and number one in sales for Carolina Computers. At my location I wore multiple hats due to the fact that I was not only the store manager, but also the only computer technician. One of the reasons I believe my store had done so well in such a small town, is because of the excellence customer service I made sure was up-held. My most recent accomplishment was the implementation of Ebay sales to liquidate older or un-sellable equipment and software. I have also created a web-based application, which calculated customer pro-rated minutes and initial bills. This application is currently under consideration for purchase by US Cellular Corporate.

Assistant Manager / Computer Technician Level IV

The Databank - Norfolk, VA 1995 - 2000

In 1995 I began work as an entry-level intern, and progressed to an assistant manager and a high level technician. In 1997 I implemented the company's first website including domain registration, production, design, and support. From this experience I was used as an outside sub-contractor for website development to other customer businesses. In 1997 I also began to design and implement customer networks including wiring, hardware, and software installation. I also became one of the few "new age" technicians to work as easily in Windows 3.x / DOS environments as in Windows 9x / NT environments. In 2000 I solely became an outside contractor during my college years. In 2002 I returned to the DataBank full-time to conceive and direct public LAN parties. During this time I also aided in the creation of the worlds number three ranked Tribes ® Meltdown Classic server. Though the parties were a great success, 911 layoffs pushed me to greater things. I started at the DataBank taking out the trash, and left (3 locations later), and advanced network technician with employee and store management experiences.



Contact me at jeaimehp@yahoo.com