Personal Statement

Professional Goals:

  1. Attain BS in Computer Science
  2. Become a High School Computer Science Teacher
  3. Attain MS in either Computer Science or Education

I have taken the dirt path of life. Though the highway was paved and laid out before me I took a sharp detour and decided to go a different path. Because of these choices I have a lot more responsibility in the decisions I make from day to day. My wife of three years counts on me to do my part. I feel that I cannot only accomplish this, but more by reaching for my goal to be a career educator. As I technician I have learned that people are afraid of technology, and I want to be the one to dismiss that fear and teach computing as a tool for everyday life. Every aspect of the sciences revolve around technology, so without a proper base I feel that others will founder in the new Technological Renaissance to come.

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