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 Computer Science is a very interesting and challenging field with many endless possibilities. That is why I have chosen the field as my major. I was aware that Computer Science was a field that not only tests your abilities but also your amount of determination. I also knew that computers are very important to the business world and can take you many places. I have been given the opportunity to work with the NOAA program and learn more about my major. The things that are vital to my success are at the tips of my fingers due to this program. while working with ONR I have learned how to work with Linux, UNIX, and TeraScan  machines.

My freshmen year at Elizabeth city was the first time that I had ever heard of remote sensing. So I decided to take a class to find out more information about the subject. I enjoyed my time spent in the class and decided to make remote sensing my minor. After attaining my undergraduate degree, I hope to follow up by going for my masters degree. In graduate school I plan to lean more towards meteorology, with hopes that it will lead me in the direction that I want to take.