Statistical Analysis Team

Team Mentor: Dr. M. Mannan

Team Members

Arthur Fenner, Junior/Math Major
Toinette Jenkins, Freshman/Computer Science Major
Tamara McCray, Junior/Math Major


The 1996-1997 Statistical Analysis Team had the honor of analyzing data taken from surveys which were designed to evaluate Dr. C. D. Turnage Science, Math, Technology Scholars Program for Girls. The program was designed to create a positive and permanent change in academic, social and scientific climates in order to allow the interest and aptitude for women and girls to allow science, engineering, and mathematics to flourish. It also adds to the knowledge base about interactions between gender and infrastructure of science, engineering, and mathematics which can provide direction for further efforts.

The purpose of the Turnage Program for Girls was to establish a comprehensive regional science, math, and technology program for girls through a partnership between Elizabeth City State University and Roanoke River Valley Consortium.

Working with their mentor, the team is discussing the data that they will be tabulating.

The statistics team is working hard designing the databases.