Hello! I am Lakisha Mundon. However, everyone calls me Kisha. I am a sophomore at Elizabeth City State University: Home of the mightyVikings. ECSU offers a variety of majors and minors. I am a Applied Mathematics major. My G.P.A. is 3.6.
ECSU is a four-year college located in the heart of Elizabeth City, North Carolina. It is the kind of school that anyone will love at first sight! The campus is very small, which is definitely a good thing, and everyone here is nice and friendly.


Here at ECSU I am in an Office of Naval Research Scholarship program directed by Dr. Linda B. Hayden . The program entitle "Nurturing ECSU Research Talent" focuses on undergraduate education and research experiences in a variety of fields.
The highest priority is given to providing us researcher with the proper guidence and skills to insure entrance and success in graduate school. Further, each student in our program learns the fundamentals of scientific reseach.

Some Research Teams include: Fractals/Chaos, Computer Visualization, HTML/JAVA, ATM Networks, and Statistical Analysis. I am a member of the Fractals and Chaos research group (mainly for Mathematics majors).


I am originally from Portsmouth, Virginia (The Real "P-Town"). Specifically, I reside in the Biltmore Commons neighborhood . Furthermore, I am an alumni of I.C. Norcom High School(The MIGHTY Greyhounds) Class of 95!