Hello! I am Lakisha Mundon. However, everyone calls me Kisha. I am a sophomore at Elizabeth City State University. Home of the mightyVikings. ECSU offers a variety of majors and minors. I am a Mathematics and Biology double major. My G.P.A. is 3.6.
ECSU is the kind of school that anyone will love at first sight! The campus is rather small, which is definitely a good thing, and everyone here is nice and friendly.


Here at ECSU I am in the Office of Naval Research Scholarship program directed by Dr. Linda B. Hayden . The program involves doing educational research related to a student's major. I am in the Fractals and Chaos research group (mainly for Mathematics majors).



I am originally from Portsmouth, Virginia (The Real "P-Town"). Specifically, I represent Lincoln Park . Furthermore, I am a graduate of I.C. Norcom High School(The MIGHTY Greyhounds) Class of 95!!!!


The Meaning of **"KISHA"**


Personal Goals

**The Near End**

Well, this is it, if you have any question, comments, or suggestions that will help me with my homepage, please feel more than welcome to at (lmundon@umfort.cs.ecsu.edu).

I woould like to give a special shoutout to Ray Turman and Charles Gatling for all your guidence and help: "Without you both: Ray and Charles, my homepage would just be meaningless words on a computer screen". In addition, I would like to give shoutouts to:

Courtney Fields Melvin Anderson Warren Judge
Tamara McCray Timeka Whitehead Wayman White
Darnell FisherAntonio Rook Timothy McCray
Darnley Archer Shanita Powell
. . . . . . . . And Stay Tuned for more names! ! ! !

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