GRE Forum
Sept. 23-26, 1999
September 23, 1999
Midnight Leave ECSU Campus
September 24, 1999
8:00am Arrive in New York City
11:00am Visit CUNY Graduate School
and University Center
8:00pm Attend Broadway Play,
"Kat and the Kings"
September 25, 1999
8:00am GRE Forum(includes
Graduate School Fair
And Various workshops)
3:30pm Leave to return to ECSU Campus
September 26, 1999
13:30am Approximate arrival time back on campus
GRE Forum Report
by Keisha Harrison
Junior CS Major
The GRE Forum in New York City was very beneficial. The forum had several workshops designed to help students prepare for graduate school. Some of the workshops included admissions and financial aid, GRE familiarization, and individual discipline sessions for selected majors.

The admissions and financial aid workshop walked through the admissions process. They also gave information on things to consider before choosing a graduate school. Some of the things to consider include the program representation, the campus diversity, and the location of the school. They also advised to keep a copy of everything and to never send in an incomplete application.

The GRE familiarization workshop went through each section of the GRE Test and gave helpful tips and strategies to help master that section. The GRE test score is based on the difficulty level of questions answered correctly. There are no attempts to mislead those taking the test. All of the questions are clear and accessible. They emphasized that preparation was the number one method of mastering the GRE. They warned that when preparing for the GRE only official GRE material should be used. They also warned that tips and strategies from other companies are sometimes more harmful than they are helpful.

The individual discipline session was very beneficial, and one of the best workshops. The presenter was Dr. Howard Davis from George Washington University. He suggested that students look for Computer Science Degrees within Engineering Programs. He also presented important information on writing a statement of purpose.

The GRE forum was very beneficial. It provided an excellent opportunity to learn more about the GRE as well as the graduate school admission process.
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