May 07, 1998

Ms. Sharon Saunders
Math and Computer Sciences
Elizabeth City State University

Dear Ms. Saunders:

Thank you for your recent participation in the "Take Our Daughters to Work Day" hosted at Elizabeth City State University. Recent research has detailed the negative shift that occurs in the lives and self-esteem of girls in early adolescence. Research has also shown that one caring adult's attention can change the course of a girl's life. To this end, you each have played a part in the encouragement and enlightenment of ten future leaders.

As a result of their interaction with you, at least two girls are mapping the course they must take to become MD's. All of the girls have aspirations to attend college, many are considering ECSU. Several girls are weighing the possibility of using sports as a means to afford college. One girl is sure that ROTC will provide her with the opportunity to attend medical school debt free. Another young lady, who had been contemplating a career in film or TV, having had the opportunity to observe what goes on "behind the camera", expressed that this would definitely be a career worth pursuing. The girls had to be forcibly removed from the computers, and although we have no confirmed physicists, several girls expressed interest in taking courses in this discipline. The list of possible career options also includes attorney, newspaper reporter and executive (provided they will meet in a board room comparable to the Chancellor's). In addition, you provided the girls with an opportunity to utilize their geographical skills locating, Bangladesh, India and the US Virgin Islands.

Even if all the girls do not realize their current career desires, the opportunity to observe women in a variety of fields has none the less broadened these aspirations. On their behalf, I again express our sincere appreciation. I would like to make Take Our Daughters to Work Day an annual event at ECSU and hope you will continue to participate in the future.


ECSU Department of Biology